Shear Set

Experience superior quality with our handcrafted hair cutting scissors made from Japan 440C stainless steel. These scissors are heat resistant, corrosion resistant, rust resistant, and colorfast, ensuring long-lasting durability. Meticulously processed and polished, they boast high hardness and sharpness for precise cuts. The razor-sharp blades have been sharpened and checked by experienced masters, making them perfect for fine, precise, and fast cuts on all hair types. The ergonomic handle design provides superior cutting precision and comfort, while the unique wave design on the blade adds an elegant touch. These multipurpose professional scissors are ideal for hairdressing schools, professional barbers, salon staff, and home use, catering to classic and modern fashion cutting techniques. Suitable for curly, straight, dry, wet, or any hair type, they make a practical and durable gift option. Please note that our scissors are coated with lubricating oil for long-term functionality. Prior to first use, wash them with gentle soap and lukewarm water, then dry with a soft cloth. We have full confidence in the quality, durability, and utility of our barber scissors. Time will prove their excellence. Make these scissors your trusted partner in hair cutting.
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